The Anthem Network becomes the Convergent Christian Communion!

It is with great joy that the General Council of the Anthem Network shares that our members have chosen a new name for our Network. Henceforth, the Anthem Network shall be known as the Convergent Christian Communion. We have discerned that this new name more accurately reflects our identity in a way that the Anthem Network never could. We are Convergent Christians and our calling is to see churches planted that are places of convergence for Christian tradition – that is sacramental, evangelical and charismatic.

 Bishop ++Kenny von Folmar

Presiding Bishop

Rev. Tom Weller 


Rev. Kevin Daugherty

Secretary Treasurer

Presiding Bishop


The Convergent Christian Communion is a network of Christians within the Convergence and Independent Sacramental Movements. We bring together the major historic streams of Christian tradition; we are Evangelical (Gospel-focused), Charismatic (Spirit-filled), and Sacramental (Liturgy-based). In addition, unlike most Convergent Christians, we are an open, affirming, and grace-filled Communion believing that Christ’s love and ministry are open to all - regardless of anyone’s denominational background, political party, class, race, gender, sexual orientation, or age. We are all one in Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-14, Galatians 3:26-28, Colossians 3:11).


We strive to model our lives in a way that brings praise to God, not only with our lips but also in our actions, by giving up ourselves in service to God and to our neighbor.  This dedication is the fulfillment of mission to share the radically inclusive gospel of Jesus Christ to 'whosoever will'.

From the Presiding Bishop -

I am humbled to have been selected by my C.C.C family to serve them as a Bishop. When our Communion chose to call Bishops, we did so knowing that the ministry of the Bishop would stretch beyond the boundaries of our shared journey. Some have asked, in what denomination have you been made a Bishop? My response is simply that I was made a Bishop for the whole church, not for a particular faction. I recognize that the root of the question is typically to gauge if, in their eyes, I am a true Bishop. I find no value in debating validity, instead I look toward the work of the ministry as the sign of validity. The fact remains that the worship communities and ministries associated with our Communion operate for the betterment of the community and are not vehicles of self-promotion. We exist outside of traditional denominational structures, to encourage growth and flexibility (we recognize that there are pros and cons in affiliating with a traditional denomination). Our Communion exists within a Post-denominational and Convergence mindset. We believe that the church should begin moving beyond man made names of Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, etc; while still honoring and embracing the best of those traditions. Our Communion does not demand uniformity in practice, our worship communities are given the freedom to live out their calling in their local context. Our Communion is small because we value qualitative growth over quantitative growth – we are relational. We do not rush to endorse ministries and worship communities without getting to know them. We aren't just another website where you can sign up for ministry with a few simple clicks. We believe that being in ministry demands action, therefore, our members are required to demonstrate they are involved in active, accountable and authorized ministry. If you are reading this message, and you feel a call to ministry but are not sure where that calling will take you; reach out and get the conversation started. Our Communion offers spiritual covering for new and existing ministries. We also welcome dual affiliation – you can retain your current affiliation while being member of the C.C.C (if allowable by your current jurisdiction). We are always accepting applications!

 Bishop ++ Kenny von Folmar

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