Our Communion was borne out of the vision of two ministers - the Reverend Drew Haywood-Larsen, our late founder, and the Most Reverend Kenneth von Folmar, our current Presiding Bishop. These two ministers sought to establish a community of affirming clergy and ministries within the Convergence Movement. 

In early 2014, Rev. Haywood-Larsen and Rev. von Folmar laid the foundation for what is today the Convergent Christian Communion. This original association was called The Anthem Network, and was a small network of inclusive church plants within the Southwest United States. The Anthem Network was officially

launched on June 15th, 2014, with the first General Assembly being held in

August of that year. In 2016, upon the death of Rev. Haywood-Larsen,

the General Council appointed Rev. von Folmar as the Presiding Minister

of the Anthem Network. 

In 2018, our Communion continued to mature as we elected to adopt the historic episcopate in apostolic succession common to all Catholic and Apostolic churches and our first two bishops were consecrated. Additionally, Rev. von Folmar was elected as our first Presiding Bishop. It was at this moment that we fully embraced the sacramental vision of our founders, and entered into what is known as the Independent Sacramental Movement. 
In 2019, our Communion made another major step in our growth with the decision to embrace a new name that reflected our growth and development since our founding. In an effort to clearly state our identity, our name changed from The Anthem Network to the Convergent Christian Communion. 

Our Name

In saying that we are Convergent, we mean that we are part of the Convergence and Independent Sacramental Movements. We believe in promoting unity but not uniformity within the Church of Christ by bringing together the Sacramental/Catholic, Evangelical, and Charismatic streams of Christianity. Instead of the major branches of the Church being seen as in opposition, they are instead complementary. 

In saying that we are Christian, we mean that we are followers of Jesus Christ. We believe in the Scriptures, creeds, sacraments, and episcopate that united all Christians in the early church. 

In saying that we are a Communion, we mean that we are a community of faith rooted in the divine love Jesus exemplified, as well as the brotherly and sisterly love Christians should share with one another as God's Children.

Who is the Convergent Christian Communion?

Our Story

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