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[19 - July - 2021] The Convergent Christian Communion welcomes Deacon Maximus!


We welcome Father Deacon Maximus (Christopher Kennedy) our Communion and the newly formed Eastern Right Connexion!

[05 - July - 2021] The Convergent Christian Communion welcomes two new members!


We welcome Father Basil (James Miller) and Reader Max (Davi Hayes) to our Communion and the newly formed Eastern Right Connexion!


[05 - July - 2021] The Convergent Christian Communion welcomes Eastern Rite Christians!


In recent times, the Holy Spirit has moved Eastern Rite Christians to petition to be received into full Catholic communion with the Convergent Christian Communion.  It is therefore our great privilege and honor to announce the formation of an Eastern Rite Connexion within the Convergent Christian Communion.


This Connexion will become a hub for Eastern Rite Christians that desire full participation in our communion yet wish to retain their Eastern traditions and customs.  This Connexion represents an opportunity for further enrichment of our Communion as the traditions of the East are celebrated under our Episcopal Protection. In paragraph 54 of his encyclical “Ut Unum Sint,” the former Bishop of Rome, John Paul II, wrote that “the Church must breathe with her two lungs,” referring to East and West; today the Convergent Christian begins to breathe with both lungs.  
In light of our ecclesiological principles, this Connexion is erected as a non-territorial network within our Communion with the Presiding Bishop serving as Ordinary to its members.

Candidates for Holy Orders in this Connexion shall be prepared alongside other seminarians, especially in the areas of doctrinal and pastoral formation. In order to address the formation needs of its seminarians this Connexion may develop a specialized formation program.
The clergy, worship communities and para-church ministries of this Connexion shall enjoy all the rights and are held to all the obligations established in the Code of Canon, such rights and obligations are to be exercised in mutual pastoral assistance together with other Communion Members in the geographic area in which they are located.

This Connexion shall remain subject to the judicial norms established in the Code of Canon.

At such a time as deemed appropriate, the Ordinary may appoint a Protopresbyter to aid in the administration of this Connexion.  This Protopresbyter shall be proficient in Eastern Traditions so that appropriate sensitivity and care is provided to the Connexion Members. 
Given on this the 5th day of July, in the third year of our episcopate, in our 8th year as a Communion family, in the year our Lord two-thousand twenty-one.  


The Most Reverend Kenneth R. von Folmar
Presiding Bishop, The Convergent Christian Communion


[22 - June - 2021] Introducing the Convergence Movement and Convergent Catholicism


In the latest issue of Extraordinary Catholics! our own Father Kevin Daugherty (Communion Secretary-Treasurer) introduces our friends and fellow independent Catholics to an oft overlooked portion of the independent catholic movement - Convergent Christianity/Catholicism. 


[19 - June - 2021] Presiding Bishop Kenny von Folmar, participated in an Ecumenical Chrism Mass

In addition to the CCC we had clergy from the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, the Society of Christ the King, the Liberal Catholic Church International and the National Catholic Church of North America. 

Top (left to right): Bishop Michael Talbot (CACoA), Presiding Bishop Leonard Walker (NCCNA), Presiding Bishop Mark Newman (CACoA), Bishop Marc Morales del Castillo (SCR)

Front (left to right): Deacon Richard Brown (NCCNA), Bishop Linda Rounds-Nichols (CACoA), Presiding Bishop Celia Jose (LCCI), Presiding Bishop Kenny von Folmar (C.C.C).


[12 - June - 2021] Announcing the location and date of the Fifth General Assembly of the C.C.C.

The Fifth General Assembly of the Convergent Christian Communion shall convene in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, November 11, 2022. The Reverend Canon Tommy Artist is hereby appointed Canon Convenor for the purpose of organizing the General Assembly Schedule.