Practical Ministerial Training

Our Foundations Studies Program is an educational initiative created to serve ministers and laity who have a strong desire to minister within the church and larger community. The mission of this program is to provide education and training for enrichment and service in to the world. All study work may be taken for credit toward ordination or personal enrichment. The study material is available to everyone regardless of denominational affiliation.

We take ministerial training very serious, therefore, our program is rigorous and does take time to complete.  Our Communion is not a credentialing mill, we seek to equip, license and ordain minsters who are prepared to take on the role of a servant leader.  It is therefore very important to keep two points in mind.


First, a traditional seminary program for the ministry would take three years and include over a thousand hours of classroom lectures (not including the time to study for Bachelor’s program before).  This program , while not pretending in any way to duplicate seminary training, must provide the substance of such training, without the lectures and the interaction between students and professors.


Second, our intent is to be as flexible as possible in the application of the program.  Schoolwork already done will count in the program if at all possible (transcripts required).  What is to be required of each individual candidate will depend on what has already been done and what still needs to be done.

If you are interested in this guided study program, please reach out to us at

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