Servant Leadership

General Council

The General Council shall undertake the day-to-day operation needed for the Communion. The General Council shall be that body of persons who are the elected stewards of the Communion and are accountable to the General Assembly. The General Council shall meet in formal session at least once annually, one meeting taking place before and, where needed, after General Assembly.

Presiding Bishop

Kenny von Folmar

Phoenix, AZ


Rebecca Pierce 

Osceola, MO

Secretary - Treasurer

Kevin Daugherty

Elizabeth, PA

Canon to the Presiding Bishop

MichaelAngelo  D'Arrigo

Madison, GA

(non-voting member)

Bishops Council

This Council is charged with Pastoral Oversight of the Communion and shall provide doctrinal stability through preaching, teaching and mentoring the clergy. This body, in consultation with the General Council, shall establish baseline requirements for Holy Orders (Bishops, Elders, Deacons) within this Communion.  All Bishops of the Communion are consecrated in Historical Succession, meaning their spiritual lineage can be traced back to the Apostles. 

Regionary - Southern U.S.

Sean O'Neil

Regionary - Northern U.S.

Rebecca Pierce

Regionary - Western U.S.

Kenny von Folmar

Assisting Bishop

David Oliver Kling

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