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Let us pray for you!

This prayer list is a ministry of the Convergent Christian Communion and Kindling Fires: A New Monastic Order ( - a religious order and parachurch ministry within the CCC. This prayer list is open for anyone who wishes to pray for those listed or is in need of prayer, and feel free to adapt this list as needed (such as including one's church).


Submit additional prayer requests utilizing the form below or by emailing Rev. Kevin R. Daugherty at

Updated: July 23, 2020 - Download as PDF.

We pray for… 

  • The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Convergent Christian Communion, for local congregations and ministries, all Bishops of the Church, and the C.C.C. Bishops Council.

  • All in political authority, that they may strive for peace, justice, and righteousness, and for all civil servants and first responders. 

  • All who are aged and infirm, for the widowed and orphans, and for the sick and the suffering.

  • The poor and the oppressed, for the unemployed and the destitute, for prisoners and captives, for victims of war and disease, and for all who remember and care for them.

  • Deliverance from all danger, violence, oppression, and degradation.

  • For those who have wronged us or who we consider to be our enemies, that there may be forgiveness and reconciliation.

  • All people with individual needs and requests:

    • Those who are ill and recovering from COVID-19.

    • Those working for protection from COVID-19.

    • Those laid off or facing hardships from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Dawn P. - healing and housing.

    • Nate C.

    • James P.

    • Emma M.

    • Shirley.

    • Sandy K. - healing.

    • Bryan

    • Fr. MichaelAngelo D. - healing.

    • Paul S.

    • Bob J. - surgery.

    • Joan and Bill B. - health and memory concerns.

    • Don M. - Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis.

    • Edith Z. - recovery from a fall.

    • Linda - surgery.

    • McCormick family.

    • Angie and John - recovery from COVID-19.

    • Michael.

    • Tina - healing.

    • Sheila - healing.

    • Topnik family - a death in the family.

    • Brad T. - recovery from COVID-19.

    • Colclaser family - a death in the family.

    • Dorothy B. - recovery and wellbeing.

    • Amity A. - recovery and wellbeing.

    • Coyne family - a death in the family. 

    • GiGi L.

    • Fr. Tommy A., Karen, and Holy Sacrament Church.

    • Beights family - a death in the family. 

    • Jolene M.

    • Tacy H. - healing. 

    • Chris A. - for guidance and discernment. 

    • Amanda.

    • Emily Z.

    • Maire C. - for finding a home.

    • Thomas L. - discernment and healing.

    • For the mentally ill, for increased understanding and compassion.

    • Don M.

    • John R. - healing from fibromyalgia and chronic headache.

    • Megan C. 

    • Michael H. - for health. 

  • Prayer requests from Impact - A Prayer Ministry:

    • Jody - for discernment, clarity, peace, and well being.

    • Haley and Steven - support after the death of their father to cancer. 

    • Ted L. - lupus. 

    • Sandy N. - healing from back pain.

    • Russell family - a death in the family.

    • Annie L. - healing from COVID-19.

  • We also pray with the Prayer Society of Saint Florian, which prays especially for deceased first responders. Their prayer list can be found on their Facebook page:

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